Our great club is run mostly by volunteers, and the following information has been put together to help answer some of the more commonly asked questions.  If you would like more information, please feel free to speak with us directly or email or phone:  

President: Kym-Maree 0423 072 666 
email: president@beaconsfieldjfc.com.au

Vice President (Football): Michael Fisher

email: vicepresfootball@beaconsfieldjfc.com.au

Vice President (Admin/Merch): Chanel Lovett

email: vicepresident@beaconsfieldjfc.com.au

Secretary:  Amber
email: secretary@beaconsfieldjfc.com.au

Registrar: Mick Rowe

email: registrar@beaconsfieldjfc.com.au

Football Co-Ordinator: Chris Murrin

email: footydev@beaconsfieldjfc.com.au

What defines a Volunteer?
Volunteers are community representatives who freely give their time and skills to support club activities for no payment other than reasonable reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses.  Volunteers come from all age groups, educational backgrounds and genders.  Almost everyone can be considered a potential volunteer for our football club.  You only have to look around the club to realise that all sorts of people volunteer – Mums, Dads, young people, retirees, grandparents etc.  Without the numerous volunteers helping out behind the scenes and on game day, our club would not exist, and our teams would not be playing football.

Executive Committee meetings are normally held every month or as required throughout the year.
General Committee meetings are normally held three times throughout the year. 

Executive Committee Roles

General Committee Roles

  • Merchandise Coordinator
  • First Aid Coordinator
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Canteen Coordinator
  • Jumper Coordinator
  • Coaching Coordinator U8 – U10
  • Coaching Coordinator U11 – U13
  • Coaching Coordinator U14 – U17
  • Female Coaching Coordinator
  • Team Manager Coordinator