Player Registration Policy

This policy sets out the registration process and criteria.


Vacancies will be determined by the Registrar based on:

  1. When an invitation to register/re-register has not been taken up by the due date.
  2. When players leave the club.


The club reserves the right to re-register prior season members and new members via invitation only.

  • First preference is given to Last season players (current players), via email notification in the first week of November (subject to deadline).
  • Second preference is given to Siblings of last season players (current players), via email notification (subject to deadline).


Invitations to re-register will be sent at the beginning of November, with a 2-week deadline. This may be followed up with another email a few days from the deadline as a matter of courtesy to members, but at the Registrar’s discretion. Renewing online registration on or before the deadline remains the full responsibility of the Player/family. If a player fails to renew by the set deadline, it will be assumed that they do not intend on returning and his/her place in the team/club will be deemed vacant and made available to others, from the deadline date onwards. It is not the club’s responsibility to chase.


Invitations sent to new members for registration will be sent approximately mid-way through November, with a 2-week deadline. However, due to other people waiting on the waiting list, there will not be a follow-up reminder.


When reviewing transfer applications, the Registrar must do everything in his/her power (via speaking to other Executive Committee members, looking at Tribunal History, and contacting the previous club), to find out about the applicant’s background as to why he/she may be transferring. If there is a history of unsportsmanlike behaviour, by either the applicant and/or his/her family, the Registrar is within his/her right to reject this application.


The applicant is obligated to supply all necessary documentation to the Registrar in a timely manner, (preferably via scanning and emailing.) Handing documents to Coaches or Team Managers, or other club officials is done so at the risk of the applicant, and the Registrar or committee will not be responsible for any loss of documents, or delay in forwarding, that may occur as a result. Upon the Registrar’s receipt of all required documentation, a period of not less than 7 days must be allowed for processing of the application. A player’s application to register can only be processed once the Registrar is satisfied of the following:

  • The applicant has completed the Beacy JFC Player Online Registration
  • Receipt of copy of “Transfer” form (if coming from another club)
  • Receipt of copy of “Permission to Train” form (if coming from another club during the period when the South East Junior League is not processing transfers)
  • Receipt of copy of Birth Certificate


Fees are reviewed and determined by the Executive Committee on a yearly basis. To minimize late payments or non-payments the full fee is to be paid upon registration. This will include a $50 non-refundable fee should the registration be withdrawn as per the payment conditions outlined in the invitation to re-register/register.

If a family requires a payment plan, they are to contact the Treasurer on to arrange this PRIOR to the deadline advised.


A player is deemed “un-financial” if his/her fees remain unpaid after the payment deadline. Any player that owes money or a club jumper will not be given a clearance to play at another club until the debt is settled and the jumper is returned.


If after registering, a player decides that he/she no longer wants to play with the club, written notice must be given to the Registrar. The following refund conditions will be applied:

  • If a player registers, pays in full then withdraws for unforeseeable reasons PRIOR to the 2019 season starting, the player will be refunded, less a $50 admin fee.
  • If a player registers, pays in full then withdraws for unforeseeable reasons after Round 3 of the 2019 season, the player will NOT receive a refund.


Players transferring from another club to the Beaconsfield Junior Football Club are ineligible to train/play until a full clearance, from the previous club, has been received by the Registrar. Once this has been received, the Registrar will communicate this to the appropriate Coach and/or Team Manager.

The Registrar will process a player’s transfer to another club upon determining whether that player is financial and has returned his/her jumper.

If the Registrar has reason to believe that due to other circumstances, clearance should not be given, he/she will notify the Football Operations Manager who will take the necessary action to resolve the matter. If no resolution is forthcoming, then the matter must be referred to either the Executive or General Committee, whichever is deemed the appropriate authority at the time.


All registrations are subject to team vacancies.

New players are placed into teams based on the Registration criteria mentioned above.

U8 to U12 team placement of new players is at the discretion of the club Registrar and Coach Co-ordinator. Requests to play in a certain team may be made but there is no guarantee.

U13 to U18 team placement of new and existing players is subject to the selection process detailed in the Player Selection Development Policy.