About the Club

The Beaconsfield Junior Football Club aims to provide an opportunity for our registered players to:

  • Participate in Australian Rules Football
  • Develop their football skills
  • Compete in a friendly, competitive environment
  • Enhance their fitness & wellbeing through organized sport

Placement of players into teams is administered as follows:

  • Under 8’s to U12’s – Into the team of their choice dependant on vacancies & age criteria
  • Under 13’s to U17’s – If two teams in the same bracket exist – Players will be selected to play in the highest level of competition within the league, proportionate to the players level of skill, confidence & fitness

We hope to achieve our aims by promoting and developing the following values and objectives:

  • A sense of social & community values
  • Respect for officials, committee members, opposition players and supporters
  • The virtues of fair and disciplined play
  • Provide opportunities for all players according to their level of ability

Our aims will be realized by providing as far as reasonable:

  • Competent coaches and assistants
  • Adequate facilities, amenities and equipment
  • Social functions encouraging family participation
  • Regular communication and consultation with players and parents
  • Active leadership and management of the Club
  • All players, coaches, officials, parents, supporters and committee members have a responsibility at all times when representing the Beaconsfield Junior Football Club to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner consistent with community values.

The Beaconsfield Junior Football Club is a sub section of the Beaconsfield Football Club (Seniors). We will continue to foster close relations and work together as one to promote junior & senior participation in Australian Rules Football within our community.